The Enneagram is a Personality Profiling method.

The 9 Enneagram Types

  • Ennea Type 1 – Seek a perfect world and work diligently to improve both themselves and everyone and everything around them.
  • Ennea Type 2 – Want to be liked, try to meet the needs of others, and attempt to orchestrate the people and events in their lives.
  • Ennea Type 3 – Organise their lives to achieve specific goals came to appear successful in order to gain the respect and admiration of others.
  • Ennea Type 4 – Desire deep connections both with self and others, and they feel most alive when they authentically express their feelings.
  • Ennea Type 5 – Thirst for information and knowledge and use emotional detachment as a way of keeping involvement with others to a minimum.
  • Ennea Type 6 – Have insightful minds, are prone to worry, and create anticipatory scenarios to feel prepared in case something goes wrong.
  • Ennea Type 7 – Crave stimulation (ideas, people and experiences), avoid pain, and create elaborate future plans to keep all their options open.
  • Ennea Type 8 – Pursue the truth, like to keep situations under control, want to make important things happen, and try to hide their vulnerability.
  • Ennea Type 9 – Seek peace, harmony and positive mutual regard and dislike conflict, tension and ill will.

The Enneagram in Business (theenneagraminbusiness.com)

The Enneagram is the study of the nine basic types of people.  It explains why we behave the way we do and it points to specific directions of individual growth.  It is an important tool to improve relationships with family, friends and co-workers.

Enneagram is more than a personality typing system.  It does not put people in boxes.  It gives us the keys to free us from our boxes.  This knowledge has the power to liberate us from our blind spots and self-sabotaging behaviour.  It frees us to live true to our highest nature.

Behaviours don’t reveal the type; they are an expression of your core (centre).  The key is NOT behaviour, it is WHY we do it!  We are all helpful people, but the reason we help others gives us much more information.  The WHY reveals the reason behind the surface behaviour.

The purpose of the Enneagram is to tell you what your motivation style is and where the opportunities lie for personal development.

Individual Benefits

  • Create meta-awareness at the level of motivation.
  • increases consciousness and confidence.
  • Enables clearing of core emotional issues.
  • Provide a framework for understanding functional and dysfunctional behaviours that stem from core motivations.
  • Increases compassion for self and others.
  • Uncovers pathways to development and integration.
  • Positions individual patterns and behaviours within current and historical context.
  • Increases productivity and motivation.
  • Create a language and sense-making framework that stretches deeper than a personality trait-based approach.
  • Builds leadership authenticity, potency and impact.

In Coaching

The Enneagram has, over the past couple of decades, proved to be one of the most powerful tools in the coaching environment.  As a Coach, the use of the Enneagram does not only fast-track insight, growth, and integration for the individual client, but also gives you durability and magnitude to the individual development process over time.  The Enneagram is not a framework that provides a quick fix with a limited lifespan once that insight has been reached. It is important to understand that when using the Enneagram in coaching, to not only focus on strength and something but to also look at the functioning of the ego and the neurotic habits, which can keep our speaks in our habitual patterns of defence. The Enneagram enables clients to develop themselves over time as it continually speaks to the client as they change and their circumstances change. 

How do I get Started?

  • As my client, I shall forward you a link to your email for you to complete an online profile. Once I receive your enneagram profile, we will schedule a debriefing session where I explain what the profile means to me. After that, you can enroll for one of my coaching programmes to enhance your personal transformation journey.

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