Etiquette Classes

Good manners and subtle social graces are not inborn; they are learned.  It is in the family home where the “manners seed” is first planted.  All children deserve the best start in life.  Giving children a common language and a set of guidelines to navigate interactions is really giving them the tools to make them have faith in their own capabilities and give them the confidence for the future success.  By giving your child, etiquette and manners training, you will be amazed at the positive difference it will make in his or her world.  Having manners brings positive interactions to your child’s daily life.  Positive interaction creates a confident child, and a confident child is a happy child who will grow up to be a happy adult.

Etiquette and manners must be practised just as one would practice tennis, soccer, or playing the piano.  When a behaviour is repeated often enough, it becomes automatic.

How does Etiquette benefit life in today’s times?

  • Etiquette provides personal security – Knowing how to behave in any given situation builds self-confidence (positive sense of self).
  • Etiquette protects the feelings of others – Having proper manners makes others feel comfortable, valued and respected.
  • It makes communication clearer – Proper etiquette open doors and creates opportunities; a lack of etiquette creates additional barriers to life’s opportunities.  Being a good communicator helps with a back-and-forth dialogue, not monopolising a discussion.
  • As the old saying goes, “You only have one chance to make a good first impression”  – The 5 – 7 seconds after you meet a person are crucial.  The impression you leave lingers long after you have left.

Good manners and social skills form the foundation of success in life.