Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching is like Life Coaching, but with a different emphasis.

Raising our children is one of the most important tasks we face in life.  We cannot obtain a degree in parenting and our children do not come with an instruction manual.  As parents, we do what we think is right, based on our own values and upbringing.  As times have changed and there are many outside influences, such as technology, parenting can be a challenging task.  Therefore Parent Coaching can be valuable for every parent. 

Parent Coaching gives you, the parent, the knowledge and tools you need to achieve your parenting goals.

As a Coach, I deal with the family dynamics by coaching the parent.

I specialise in working with everyday parents of children ages 1 through 12.

Is This You?

Are you tired of yelling, nagging and bribing your kids?

Would you like to reduce power struggles, feelings of guilt and meltdowns?

Do you want to understand the reasons behind misbehaviour?

Do you want to get more co-operation and connection with your kids?

Do you want happy and well adjusted kids?

If your answer is ‘Yes’, then as a Parent Coach, I can help you explore situations that make you feel upset and you will learn ways to stay calm and address these triggers. 

Parenting is hard and can make us feel alone.  No child comes with a training manual, each little being has his or her own little personality and character traits are and what works for your friend’s child, will not necessarily work for yours.  We all face challenges at one time or another and along the way, we feel stuck, overwhelmed or confused about what we do.  A Parent Coach will work alongside you. 

“Enlightened Parenting” is my Signature Parenting Programme that will help you make your “own” training manual suited to your family requirements.

My aim is to facilitate conversation between you and your partner on the difficult topics relating to parenting.  With my assistance, you will be empowered and equipped to build a solid parenting foundation.  My role is to help you dig up the wisdom and resources that will help you create a path to your ideal family life.  

What will you gain from Parent Coaching?

  • Gain a sense of peace and calm in the child’s presence and in your home.

  • Setting boundaries and disciplining.

  • Improving communication and listening.

  • Staying connected with your children.

  • Understand the underlying cause of the unwanted behaviour.

  • Help your child identify real feelings, so that they don’t have to come out sideways through inappropriate behaviour.

  • Learn highly effective techniques and apply them, whenever or wherever you are with any child.

The goal of Parent Coaching is to unearth fresh ways to address challenges, and ultimately to achieve a better, stronger family dynamic.  There is no judgement, diagnosing or one size fits all mentality – rather, there is unbiased understanding, compassion and support.

How do I get Started?

  • E³ Coaching offers a FREE introductory session to more deeply explain coaching, to ensure that the you and I will a “good fit” and to define your goals for the coaching relationship.
  • After this initial session, you will either select a "Pay as you go" session, a "Package", a "Coaching programme" and/or attend a "Workshop."

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